As he lay there looking through the sight the instructor told him to close his left eye and focus down the sights to the target.

Colin replied. “If I do that, I can’t see what’s to the side of the target.”

There’s nothing there Kane!” The instructor raised his binoculars to double check.

Yeah there is”, Colin said, then with a smooth movement Colin pulled the trigger and a small field mouse went flying through the air.

Cheeky fucker Kane the NCO said aloud, looking at Colin lying there.

The NCO had a small amount of admiration for what he had just seen. Walking over to his colleagues who were huddled in a small group, two of them standing with their hands on their hips, Superman pose. The three of them started to discuss what had just happened.

Colin was lying in the prone position with his right cheek resting on the butt of his rifle, looking down the sights towards the shape of a World War II German soldier running towards him. He pulled the trigger again and let out a silky soft breath. Through his nose he filled his lungs with a new batch of oxygen, holding it for just a few seconds before releasing it once again gradually. This action he had now perfected, deliberately filling his lungs with new oxygen, as he did so it rushed through his body, to his brain making its way through the neuro pathways to his visual cortex.

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