It wasn’t until the beginning of her teen years that they truly realized the folly of their ways. They’d created a self-centered, spoiled brat of a child. They tried to rectify the situation when they realized their error, but by that time it was too late. Hazel was pretty much already set in her ways, and her developing power made it nearly impossible for them to resist any and all of her desires.

You see, Hazel William’s growing witch power was Audible Mind Manipulation. With a few short words, she could manipulate the will of another human being to a small extent. Given the nature of this power, and her self-centered personality, you can see where it could be easily passed over as a juvenile tantrum. Like many such powers, it laid dormant most of the time, only becoming apparent now and then.

When Hazel would become extremely upset though, meeting resistance to her growing id-enflamed personality, that’s when it would come out. Yes, her grandparents may have been to blame for her becoming difficult and spoiled, but her growing power had something to do with it as well. There were times when her grandparents literally couldn’t say no to her whims or desires.

Luckily for all involved, she didn’t truly recognize this ability as an actual supernatural power until her early teen years. Otherwise, she could have been an even more impossible brat to deal with, both figuratively and literally. In fact, it wasn’t until she was 13 that she realized she actually had it. A local boy tried to get her to do things which older teen boys shouldn’t be trying to get 13-year-old girls to do. That’s when she finally realized her potential. Her ability to get what she wanted was due to more than just her own shrill will.

The boy was 17-year-old Ray Parker, a digger in the local mine. A loner, he had left home at the age of 15, when his poor-excuse-for-a-father had thrown him out. Passing through the area, he had heard about job opportunities in the new mine and had signed up right off. Like many of the miners in Shamanoire Hollow, he had no family or true friends in the small hollow and resided in the local mining company house. He’d taken notice of young Hazel of late and had gone about wooing the young and innocent girl.

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