That meant that I needed to end this fight now, with one final blow, before Twinfist did. Yet how could I beat someone who was capable of using my own strength against me? And healing from every attack I landed on him?

Then a thought occurred to me: I didn’t need to beat him. Just make it so he couldn’t fight again.

“Got nothing to say?” said Twinfist. “Fine by me. Your voice was starting to grate on my nerves anyway. Let’s end this here and now.”

Twinfist launched himself toward me, while I ran to meet him in the center. He pulled his fists back to punch me, but I dodged them at the last possible second, allowing his fists to go flying over me.

But I didn’t let him leave. I punched him as hard as I could in the stomach, slamming him flat into the ground so hard that it created a crater in the earth. Twinfist gasped, but before he could get up, I slammed my foot on his chest and kicked him in the face, which knocked him silly.

Then I zoomed over to the nearest tree and punched its trunk as hard as I could. A loud crack echoed through the forest as the tree shattered around the base, sending it falling straight toward Twinfist.

Twinfist had only enough time to look up and scream before the tree slammed down on his body with enough force to make even me jump in surprise. More birds flew away, chirping and tweeting loudly, but I ignored them and ran over to Twinfist to check on him.

He looked practically dead. The tree had fallen on Twinfist’s legs, crushing them under its weight. Blood leaked out from around Twinfist’s abdomen, while Twinfist moaned in pain and futilely beat against the thick tree on his legs.

“No … fair …” Twinfist moaned. He glared up at me through pained eyes. “You … broke … my legs …”

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