A whistle blew, dragging Alex’s eyes from where he’d been staring into space and onto the ice, where his old coaches were putting their players through a power play drill. Alex couldn’t see player names on the back of jerseys from where he sat, but he’d been sitting here since practice started at seven and he was starting to recognize skating patterns and body language.

The Mountaineers had won their first two games of the season. The third was an away game tomorrow against Colgate that Alex suspected they’d win.

Were any of the players on the team guys he’d played with when he’d been at GH? Probably. Maybe? It was possible some of the seniors had been freshmen when he’d been a senior himself. He was attempting to do the math when a shadow fell over him.

Thought that was you,” Coach Bedley said. He took the seat next to Alex. Alex secured his sleeve over his cast, hiding the giant purple cock and balls. Fucking Jay.

Bedley was a big guy, rough around the edges, but he was a stellar coach. Alex never would’ve been drafted without him. Bedley had spent almost twenty years coaching in the AHL before making the move to college hockey. He claimed it was less pressure but Alex couldn’t see how that could be true.

Hey, Coach.” Alex offered his right hand, remembered it was broken, then offered his left.

Bedley snorted and they shook left hands.

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