Role Makes the Man”

Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

Smashwords Edition

“Role Makes the Man”

By Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

There’s nothing like Halloween. I love the decorations on the lawns and the smell of smoke from leaf fires and barbeques mixing together in the cool air. Every year there’s a giant field of pumpkins next to one of the orchards, and you could pay the man at the gate three dollars to go and choose the perfect one for yourself – one dollar if you were under eight. It was a magical time for the kids but as I got older I found myself losing interest. I lived on my own and in an apartment complex like mine there weren’t many trick-or-treaters who were interested in coming to our doors. I couldn’t blame them; it wasn’t the most welcoming setup no matter how I tried to decorate. So each year I did a little less and ate more of the candy that I’d bought, wondering if I was done with Halloween for good and all.

The thought only bothered me during that time of the year. I figured it was just one of those kid things that we eventually lose as we get older. There was a faint nostalgia value, but that was about it.

Or at least, that was the case until one year that I was invited to a Halloween party.

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