“Susan’s Denial”

By Beth Hoyer

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Fan Fiction scene to Chronicles of Narnia series by CS Lewis.

Aslan says “Susan will deny me three times” to Lucy and brothers Peter and Edmund while in Narnia.

Susan’s first denial involves her growing up thinking “Aslan is not real but a children’s imagined game I and my siblings played as children.”

Her second denial involves her grown up about to get married to a male which she passes out on her wedding’s eve to have a dream of visiting a sea vessel the Dawn Treader which she comes to having her back whipped on back by a masked Edmund doing that whipping with reluctant to whip her. Susan freed from whipping meets her deceased brothers and sister both masked while next to Aslan.

Aslan orders brothers and sister “Show your faces to Susan.”

This was done which Susan spoke “I thought you died in a train explosion?”

Brothers Peter and Edmund exclaim “That’s what happened to us!”

Lucy spoke towards Susan “What happened really?”

Susan spoke “This was the fault of the train conductor driving the train too fast to reach the train station on time that caused the explosion that killed people including you three.”

Susan doesn’t acknowledge Aslan there like she doesn’t see him who roars her back into her body to reality into her world.

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