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“Tao of Flynn” copyright 2004-2011 Eric M. Witchey
Cover art copyright 2011 Alan M. Clark

ISBN: 978-1-4524-1710-3

IFD Publishing, P.O. Box 40776, Eugene, Oregon 97404 U.S.A. (541)461-3272


For everyone who recognizes that there is more to being honest than merely telling the truth.


The Tao of Flynn

by Eric M. Witchey

Flynn was an honest liar. He would look you dead in the eye, smile his commercial, outdoorsman smile, wink one pale blue eye, and say, "I'm a professional liar." And that was the truth. He'd keep telling you the truth until your wallet was empty, then he'd smile again, say, "I warned you," and walk away.

All you could do was smile and watch him go because you'd been warned, and damn if he didn't nail you anyway.

"Keep an eye on Flynn," Cooper had said. "He's good, but he's going to get us in trouble."

Cooper was the boss, and, back then, I was his man to beat. The whiteboard in the coffee room showed it. If Cooper had a hot lead, I was the man he sent.

Once I was in the door, my closing ratio was 5 to 1. If I made five sales calls, I came back with paper on one. Everybody needed more fire insurance.

Once, on a good streak, I did six calls and managed to come home with paper on eight. The last call had forgotten I was coming. I hit triple as the entertainment at their dinner party.

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