The Trilisk Ruins

by Michael McCloskey

Published by Michael McCloskey at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Michael McCloskey

ISBN: 978-0983843009

Cover art by Howard Lyon

Edited by Stephen “Shoe” Shoemaker

Special thanks to Rose Haun and Howard Lyon


Kirizzo fought while curled around himself inside the round control module. In this position he looked like a mottled ball of gold wrapped in dozens of thin legs. At his mental command, a salvo of antimissile drones shot out of the belly of his metal walking machine. The drones circled as they ascended, forming a defensive perimeter in the spiny alien flora. It would not be long until the enemy war machines returned from the last diversionary trail and found his real escape route.

The spider-legged walking machine shot forward through another group of trees and came to a halt in a slight depression. A warning in Kirizzo’s mental interface informed him the walker’s stored power waned. He could also see that those had been the last of his drones. A thin layer of cells covering his analog of a spinal cord pondered his next move. The decision arrived with a cool clarity: Abandon the walker and try to lose the robotic hunting machines in the alien forest.

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