A Novel by Eleanor Jaye

Copyright © 2011 Eleanor Jaye

All Rights Reserved

Published by Hank10 Publishing

Smashwords Edition


Love, as everyone acknowledges, makes the world go round. Fleeting, Illicit, Enduring. Love in a Time of Innocence chronicles all these emotions through an adaptation of No More an Island, a novel based on the years 1920 to 1941. Told mainly through dialogue, this is a story you will find fascinating as it weaves through the lives of “ordinary” folk who explore the mysteries of love with its many facets.

Chapter 1

It was almost ten o’clock on a Tuesday morning in late June, 1920. The hot rays of the summer sun were softened by the leaves of the large mimosa tree in the front yard. Nature’s yellow fireball in the sky was directing its revealing radiation right through the screen in the front door. Filtered light fell gently across her face as she looked out, watching the handsome young man walking along the sidewalk. Jake Johnson saw her and turned his head smartly to the left, flashing his best big smile.

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