An Akylah

Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Copyright smashwords 2019

An Akylah, a young adult female, after age of choice, gets told by a guard of the High Lord “High Lord has Kirstana Nemany as named which is Kirstana in front of guard, called to the High Lord’s residence immediately.” and thinks to herself “I’m wonder what the High Lord is up. I’ve been verbally challenging him to the natives around the city.”

She is gasping of shock as guards grab her arms and pull her not resisting to the High Lord’s palace.

At the entrance the group met the High Lord’s seer the Valera with hooded robes and all white eyes that narrowed with a look that said “Confess your crime.”

Kirstana as referred felt herself gulping underneath the Valera’s narrowed eyed glare which she kept her mouth shut out of fear hitting her despite the guards forcing her to kneel.

“You’re to change your clothes and attend to your appearance.” She heard blasted into her mind shocking her.

The guards appearing to hear the Valera’s broadcast again grabbed Kirstana mumbling prayers and lifted her to stand.

The guards took Kirstana with weak legs to a spa and clothing shop which one guard said on arrival “Valera’s orders for appearance change!”

Kirstana despite her fear accepted herself being cleaned along with a change of clothes that are selected for her which she thinks “I finds odd.”

Kirstana once done again got her arms grabbed by the guards and hauled to the palace to meet the Valera who gave her familiar glare.

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