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Heather Albano

Copyright 2011 Heather Albano

Smashwords Edition

Many, many, many thanks to:

My dad, for endorsing the crazy option.

My mom, who is the reason I read history books for fun.

My sister, for her detailed and thoughtful comments on the rough draft.

The other rough draft readers—Becky, Kara, Sarah, Angela, Joseph, Jason S, Jason W, Eileen, Carol, Kevin, Zack, and Julie.

Monica, for her editorial kung fu, and Grady, for his help with e-publishing technicalities.

Anise, for letting me have Mac’s pocket watch in the first place.

And Richard—for reading drafts, suggesting plot twists, explaining rail guns, designing the constructs, helping with the e-pub conversion, drawing the cover art, listening to me talk out the problems, cheering me on through the doldrums, and believing I could make it all work even when I didn’t. I love you too.

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