The Adventures Of


The Sky King

Written by J.Livingston

This book Is dedicated to all the Kee-Wee's of the world, whether in form or in spirit.

Written by J. Livingston

Copyright 1989 By J.Livingston

Published By Garden Park Productions at Smashwords

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Kee-Wee's first memories of life were of being enclosed in a space that was constantly getting smaller and smaller. It was there inside his egg space that Kee-Wee first remembered hearing the roar and hiss of the sea as it pounded at the land blocking its way. Even though he wasn't aware of what the sounds were, during the times when his egg became dark and warm, Kee-Wee found the sounds to be extremely comforting. Once upon a time, long ago, before animals stopped speaking to man, Kee-Wee was born.

Kee-Wee lay with his beak on the edge of his nest, closed his eyes and listened. What he was listening to was the musical sounds of the sea water as it gurgled and slapped on the rocks below. This was the part of the day that Kee-Wee enjoyed best; as the morning sun penetrated his closed eyes, the southern winds ruffled and dried his mist soaked feathers. Kee-Wee knew that his mother or father would soon be bringing him a breakfast of fresh herring and the very thought of breakfast caused Kee-Wee's stomach to rumble slightly as he stood, stretched and spread his wings. Kee-Wee felt excited and nervous but confident. Today was the day he had been waiting for, today he would fly.

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