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This story is about 2100 words.

Jerry went down first, screaming in agony. Mike followed quickly behind. Tom raced over to them and just barely missed getting caught himself.

Beer traps with their sharp steel teeth littered the area in droves.

Don’t move!”

Everyone stopped.

Some [censored] has set beer traps all over the place. Watch where you step.”

Tom slowly checked each step before he took it. Who would need so many traps in one place. He bent down to inspect the steal biting into Mike, who was faintly mumbling something through the pain. It was cleverly hidden in a slightly lowered area of the earth. Someone had gone to great lengths to hide these traps.

Tom pushed the little latch on the side and pulled one side of the trap open. Mike (perhaps feeling the release) pulled his leg out instinctively.

Are you ok?”

More mumbling. Mike was not ok.

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