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I often dreamed that the journey I was treading through wasn’t the life I should be having… That this lone echo of chance; my existence here, clearly wasn’t the right one. And this bothersome noise of fantasy persisted in my brain for years. The discovery that my life here on this planet, the hell of it all, was possibly the biggest and most fantastic mistake, that fate kicked me in the stomach with. —From the transcripts of Alyx Jade

She couldn’t wait to get gone.

The young woman put on warm black socks and slipped her slim feet into a pair of high top black running shoes, pulling the Velcro on top of them snug across her ankles. The long strings, white and black, fashioned in a weave like pattern, wasn’t made to be unraveled any time soon. She stuffed an iPod, clothing and other items into a large black knapsack that sat on a queen sized bed. Stopping long enough to dry her moist hands on her black tee shirt and jeans, she slipped on a matching jeans jacket and buttoned it midway. The lights in her room winked out just as a big clap of thunder erupted through the beige, thickly carpeted space making her jump several inches in the air.

Okay Alyx, get a grip.

The girl clutched a heavy gold ring hanging on a thick gold chain around her neck. Calculating that it will take seven minutes until someone came to investigate the blackout in this part of the estate, she lifted the bag off the bed and went to the entrance of her quarters. Dropping her burden in back of a large armoire that was positioned several steps from the door. For a week she had disrupted the hidden cameras in her rooms for a few seconds while she used her gift to lift the tall wooden piece a few inches every day. She created just enough room for her slim body to slip behind it. By moving the piece little by little the sudden change wouldn’t be noticed by her watchdogs.

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