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“I hope they throw out some delicious leftovers,” Abel the raven cawed eagerly from a nearby branch. He was staring hopefully at the headlights of a car coming up the dark country road.

“Littering is one of my least favorite sins . . . at least it would be if I had a least favorite sin. I really like them all,” Runyx replied in her wicked, rhythmic voice before going back to grazing on luscious green grass. She wasn’t in a normal field, but in the carefully tended yard of a farmer’s house.

Runyx was a beautiful, midnight black cow who loved long walks in the moonlight. She didn’t behave like the other cows, preferring to go off on her own. She had the ability to walk through fences and could even talk to people, although she didn’t like to. Most importantly, she was very evil with unholy powers at her command.

“Littering is my favorite,” Abel disagreed, preening his long feathers, which glistened in the light of the half moon that had just come out from behind puffy clouds. “Hopefully they’ll throw out perfectly good food for me to eat, maybe even a little candy. It is Halloween after all.”

“Candy is bad for you, Abel. It’ll rot your gut.”

“I’m a raven, nothing rots our guts. Plus I’m immortal, so it doesn’t matter,” he pointed out with a wingtip.

“Yes . . . well there is that,” Runyx admitted. They were both immortal, and the best of friends on top of that. The two of them had known each other for centuries, working together to spread chaos and turmoil throughout the lands.

“The moon just disappeared behind the clouds again,” Abel said, looking up at the glowing cloud passing across the sky. “Isn’t it supposed to be full on Halloween? It just doesn’t seem right only being half full.”

“That’s just in the movies. The moon works normally no matter what night it is.” She tore a flower out of a pretty garden that had been placed around a fountain with happy looking cherub statues spitting water out of their mouths. Runyx hated cherubs. They were little jerks that ran around in diapers and shot things for no apparent reason.

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