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What others are saying about the print edition of 'The Drowning of a Goldfish':

Lidmila Sovakova has written a book unlike any I have read. Using the first person narrative, the author unfolds the story of a young woman's quest for intellectual and artistic expression through a series of dreamlike vignettes. The images, however, are so powerful as to create not only the vision, but also the smell and feel of all that is described. Beautifully written, the book's hypnotic quality effortlessly compels its reader forward, making it difficult to put the book down until the last page. M. Currier, June 4, 2000

In just a few strokes, Sovakova lovingly conveys fleeting moments of a small child's world in pre-World War II Czechoslovakia-images of elegant ladies. in pearls, shaded gardens, crème caramel. Her imagistic writing works well in the longer section of this novel, the drab world of Stalinist Eastern Europe. Georgia Jones-Davis, LOS ANGELES TIMES, NOVEMBER 4, 1990

A moving and understated tale of courage by a young survivor living in a society where just to endure is sufficient victory. An accomplished new voice from Europe. Jim Kobak's THE KIRKUS REVIEWS, 9/1/90

This charming first novel casts a bit­tersweet look at the troubled post-­WW II years in the author's native Czechoslovakia. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, NOVEMBER 2, 1990

Lidmila Sovakova is the author of

The PRAGUE TRILOGY comprising three books:


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