MOANY and the scientist son.

Guard: Oy you, Huge man. What’s in the sack your carrying over your shoulder?

Moany: Just marshmallows.

Guard: Do you really think I’m stupid enough to think a bag big enough to carry a person holds marshmallows.

Moany: Take a look.

(guard opens the bag to find lots and lots of marshmallows)

Guard: You’re free to pass. You’re a weirdo, but you’re free to pass.

Moany: Thank you kind sir. I am a bit of a weirdo, thanks for noticing.

Guard: One more thing. Why are you travelling with 30 children?

Penny: Our village was invaded. Our mayor told us to transfer these kids to Eclipse City. We come here seeking enough force to take it back.

Guard: Just a heads up. You’re likely going to be waiting weeks, we have far more important things than your village.

(penny scowls)

(Inside Eclipse City, the group walk to the governing centre)

Receptionist: Can I help you?

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