Fabric of Fate

Having given everything to her career, Audrey Brennan is suddenly forced to confront how empty her life has become when an illness lands her at home for extended bed rest. But before she can take stock and figure out what to do next, a beautiful and magical tapestry whisks her away into the arms of two gloriously sensual warriors. Audrey’s certain it was all just a dream brought on by her medication and exhaustion, but knowing she has denied herself too many pleasures, she decides to indulge herself in the fantasy for as long as it will last.

Abrah Dannon has all but given up hope of ever finding a loving bride, and when a magical tapestry delivers the kind and beautiful Audrey to him and his brother Heroc, he is torn between rejoicing and fearing that Audrey will leave. Because the rules of the tapestry are clear: if they wish to win her heart, he and Heroc will have three days to take Audrey to unimagined erotic heights and shower her with unquestioning devotion—or else lose her forever.

As the brothers devote themselves fully to winning Audrey body and soul, she finally comes to understand that both the men and the choice facing her are real. And with time running out, Audrey must decide whether to return to the unfulfilling life she once knew or give herself over to the promise of this strange new world filled with endless passion and enduring love . . .

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