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Princess Electra Book 3 Gypsy Music

by Dory Lee Maske

Copyright © 2011 by Dory Lee Maske

All rights reserved

Copyright ©-2011 by Robert Maske

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Cover design by Robert Maske

Smashwords edition 2011

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Princess Electra Book 3 Gypsy Music

Chapter 1

King's Lake in Fernland

A colorful caravan of wagons rumbled down King's Road toward Fernland. The wagons were barrel shaped on the top, set into flat beds on wheels, each wagon pulled by a powerful horse. The wagons were painted bright colors, purple with red and orange flowers, blue with yellow stars and moons, green with yellow patterns, a total of eighteen wagons in all, each with its own designs. The driver in the lead wagon pulled gently on his reins, slowing the lead horse, while he studied the ships anchored on King's Lake and the construction activity on the north shore. He stood up on his seat, reins in hand, and whistled to the driver of the wagon behind him. With a series of whistles and hand signals, the caravan came to a halt. Men climbed down from the drivers' seats and from within the enclosed wagons. They wore satin shirts and brightly colored pants with sashes at the waist. Their hair was long and dark.

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