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Praise for Falling Under

Falling Under is one of the most compelling debut novels I have read in a long time. It is gutsy, emotional, sexually charged and unremittingly intense. Younge-Ullman writes her guts out, hurtling forward, pedal to the floor. The result is a gripping story, crackling with energy.” The National Post

“Fierce, erotic and absolutely fearless, this riveting debut tunnels into the psyche of a young artist who is as self-destructive as she is talented. To transform her career and have any sort of shot at happiness, she must grapple with thorny secrets from her past and open herself up to the terror of love. Shocking and moving, Falling Under is as edgy as a razor blade and unlike anything you’ve ever read before.” NYT Bestselling author Caroline Leavitt for Dame Magazine

“Extreme, and extremely well done!” Kim Alexander for XM Radio Fiction Nation

“An astonishing debut novel reminiscent of Janet Fitch's White Oleander. Younge-Ullman has a talent for turning the shadows of life into a thing of beauty, almost poetry.” Curled Up With A Good Book

“Hard-hitting and explosive, with a raw energy that left me breathless.”

“A story told with great feeling and compassionate attention to how a sensitive person can find herself alienated from everything she needs to feel whole.” Feast Magazine

“Part coming of age, part artistic exploration, part love story, Falling Under is a layered and assured debut.” Canadian Booksellers Magazine

Falling Under tugged at my heart and settled in my bones down to the marrow.” The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine

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