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Glossary and Names

Wahnt ("Leaders")

About the Author, the Artist, and GURPS


Halloth – Not a Kintaran word; the race-name for a humanoid, mammalian alien-race using haemocyanin in their blood; their coloration spans from indigo to aqua. Plural: Hallo.

Hallothya – Not a Kintaran word; the Halloth homeworld.

Kaa – Not a Kintaran word. Kaa are a snake-like reptilian race: raiders, slavers, and pirates (technically "privateers" of the Kaa Empire) at the fringes of "civilized space." They eat sapient species – including other Kaa. To Kintarans, they smell delicious.

K'ee'tha – Also spelled K'eetha. The same as, or "baby-same" or "copycat." Connotations of immaturity.

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