Countess Garouge

Horror Plantation

By Miranda Birch

Copyright ©2019 Miranda Birch. All Rights Reserved.

The tale of Garouge Plantation and the terrible goings-on there have become the stuff of legend, a story parents tell to frighten their children. No-one really believes it ever happened. But something very like it did! Of course the movie ‘Stay Alive’ changed it all around. Here is what really went on. The Garouge Plantation was a slave estate, and there ruled a strict regime of female domination. Both male and female slaves existed on this estate solely for their owner's pleasure. The Countess exerted unlimited control over her male and female chattels.

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In the bad old days of the slave-owning States of the American South, there was a plantation called the Garouge Plantation, owned by a lady of quality who styled herself Countess Garouge. Of course, as an American, the citizen of a Republic, she had no claim to any noble title. But woe betide anyone who alluded to the fact!

Her lifestyle was extravagant even by the standards of the time. It was estimated that the Countess Garouge (for so we shall call her) owned some 10,000 creatures on her vast estate. Of these creatures, 8,000 were cattle, pigs or horses; the rest were humans. Human slaves. Most extraordinary for the time, many of her slaves were white.

These slaves were branded as were the animals and lived very much as the animals did. However they were treated far worse, since the animals were not liable to punishment — although the horses might feel a riding crop of course.

The vast majority of the slaves worked on the land under the supervision of overseers. Another queer aspect of the Garouge Plantation was that the overseers were all female, without exception. For all of their authority, these overseers went in dread of the Countess and treated her with the very greatest respect. No overseer wished to lose her position or, far worse, be made a slave herself.

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