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A Farmer’s Goodbye

By Ron D Smith

Copyright © 2011 Ron D Smith

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

The old farmer rose from his bed. In case he had forgotten during his fitful sleep, his bones reminded him of his years. He was tempted to put on his overalls from the day before. They were the closest thing to a clean pair that he had, though he had dirtied them a little when he patched a board on the hay barn. His wife had always done the wash, and he’d never bothered to learn how to use the machine. It wasn’t worth the trouble now. He settled on the trousers and dress shirt that he usually wore only to church and to the nursing home. He needed to look halfway respectable that day.

After getting dressed, he limped downstairs, his old knees creaking with each step. As he shuffled into the kitchen, he looked out of habit the empty table, hungering for the hot breakfast that should have been waiting for him. He would have gladly settled for just a few greasy strips of bacon and black coffee.

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