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A Change of Fortune

Valencio’s Story: Book Two.

By Veronice Ceccarelli

Copyright Veronice Ceccarelli, 2011

Published by Veronice Ceccarelli at Smashwords

14 chapters, around 45,000 words.


The Kobi family was in the habit of selecting beautiful children for use as sex slaves. Once they were too old to be much desired, their work changed. Now they were used as subjects to teach spells to the Kobi boys, and imprisoned in ‘Enclosure 2’ instead of ‘Enclosure 1.’ Valencio had been moved over seven years before, after trying to kill his owner, Narzu-Han. Any other slave would have been killed, but Valencio was special to many of the wizards, including Elder Yiko Kobi-Wynn, second only to the matriarch, Grandmother Riza herself.

All through Arabia and Asia, the world of Freign knew and feared the powerful Kobi family. The names of the great Fighters were known - Adil, Ahjmed, Yiko, Hicham and Brahim - their very names struck terror. But they made a mistake when they tried to extend their territory to include the Western world. The great wizard, John Bellamy, was not renowned as a Fighter and seldom interfered in matters of law-keeping. Yet he was more powerful than any other. When John Bellamy interfered in the affairs of Kobis, things began to change.

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