The Sons of Liberty

By James Tow

Copyright 2011 James Tow

Smashwords Edition

I crept over the rocks in an attempt to startle him. I perched over the last couple of rocks that stood in my way and looked down. He sat there, watching each wave crash upon the shore. I pressed my hand over my mouth to suppress my severe giggling. I was failing for my body started shaking. It’s now or never.

I grabbed the bottom of my dress and positioned myself to pop-up. I took one last peek. I slowly peered over the rocks to see him looking to his right with a big grin on his face.

Crap! And I ducked back down. I can never catch him off guard. Then I heard footstep coming from the right.

I heard him laugh under his breath and call out, “Watch your step!” Curious, I slowly peeked to see his brother stumbling over a few rocks.

I lowered my head and turned over on my back to look at the sky. Not a cloud in sight.

“Beautiful day,” Paul said as I heard him shuffle over to a seat next to Gabriel.

Gabriel takes a deep breath and said, “Yup. One of those ‘feel good’ days. Especially since you’re graduating.”

I could only hear the sound of the water washing up on shore. I always assumed Paul couldn’t wait to go to college, but now that doesn’t seem the case judging from his silence.

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