Darius Powell

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Darius Powell

Just my luck, he thought, while talking silently to himself. I’m promoted to General Manager of the Midwest Division for Sinclair, Chanty & Ross Real Estate Holdings (SCR), transferred to the home office, one step from full partner and I’m going to be late on my first day. Great to be home again! All Elliot Paaschen could do was smile reluctantly and listen to sports talk on his XM radio. He’d forgotten how bad Chicago traffic could be and did not plan enough time for contingencies.

He conjured up the story he’d tell his new boss: a Jay’s Potato Chips truck ran into a CTA Bus and the Dan Ryan shut down for 30 minutes. He thought otherwise when he considered that his new boss, Morrison, was a smart cookie and not too thrilled about his promotion in the first place. Elliot surmised that Morrison would be looking for any opportunity to discredit his existence, especially since Elliot was taking over Morrison’s old position.

Morrison Sinclair II was the President of the Company and the only son of the founder and largest shareholder, Morrison Sinclair, Sr. He didn’t care at all for Elliot. Most of this disdain was out of sure jealously. The elder Morrison, commonly called Moe, celebrated Elliot as a model executive of the company due to his three years of double digit sales growth while leading the company’s Southeast Division. This adulation drove the younger Morrison crazy.

Morrison Sinclair II thought that Elliot’s success was all hype and felt that it was easy to achieve excellent sales results in the Southeast United States due to the population increases in the region. On the other hand, he didn’t feel that he received enough credit for the positive business results he had achieved in the Midwest amidst what he felt was a declining population base.

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