Julie’s Story

by J. A. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-945648-97-7

A Pink Flamingo Media Ebook

Copyright © 2019 J.A. Smith

Smashwords Edition


Nice Girls Being Naughty Stories

This story is fiction. Any similarity to persons or places is purely possible. Even though this is entirely fiction, the characters are loosely based on real people. This basis is only skin-deep. The wild goings on in this book is pure fiction and not based on real characters in any way.

Places are close to reality. Cities, businesses, bars, and restaurants are many times actual places. Bars and restaurants have all been given fictional names. In some cases features of two or more establishments have been combined into a single bar or restaurant. A few times an actual restaurant is depicted in a different city than it is in real life.

This is all done, not to confuse the reader, but to enhance the story by keeping it real…real fiction.

Chapter One

The Sybian

Julie is driving home from an all-female naughty party. These Pussy Parties, as the girls call them, are planned from time to time. They are always erotic and always fun. As she drives her car home, Julie thinks back on the party. She had brought Wendy to the Pink Panther bar to meet some of her lesbian and bisexual girlfriends.

At the bar, they were invited, along with Megan and Christine, to a Sybian party at the apartment of another female friend from the bar. A Sybian is a large rounded sex device a woman can straddle. On the top, a dildo is attached that fits in the girl’s pussy. Another person can control the vibrations and movement of the dildo.

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