Questionable Consent

Nearly Forbidden Series, Book Three

by Gemma Stone

ISBN: 978-1-950910-09-0

A Pink Flamingo Media Ebook

Copyright © 2019 Gemma Stone

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Uncertain Consent

A naked and erect Peter Porter loomed over a supine woman on the bed. Her hair was tousled from struggling. She was lashed in the T-bone position, wearing only a brassiere and panties. They were black, standing out against her pale skin. Peter held a large pair of scissors with which he menaced her

“Don’t you know,” he said, “you’re not allowed to wear anything in my presence? Look around you. Do you see anyone else in this room wearing clothes?”

The scared woman glanced furtively at the small crowd of both men and women casually watching her plight. One woman was videoing the whole thing. All were nude. Peter placed the blades of the scissors under the center of her bra. “Let’s free those beautiful tits of yours,” he said.

“Please don’t,” she pleaded.

Peter snipped the front of the bra in-two. Then he cut each strap, pulling the remnants away from her body. Roughly massaging her breasts, he said, “There, that’s better. But you are still overdressed.” He slid the scissors between her skin and the waistband of her panties. They felt cold against her skin, causing her to shiver. He cut the elastic first on one side and then the other.

“Please stop. Don’t do this,” she pled in a voice bordering on panic.

Peter pulled what was left of her underwear off. Cupping her mound and fingering her labia, he declared, “Now are you are dressed properly for this little party. In fact, you are the guest of honor.”

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