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also by chris wind

Thus Saith Eve


Soliloquies: The Lady Doth Indeed Protest

Snow White Gets Her Say

Satellites Out of Orbit*

Particivision and other stories

Paintings and Sculptures


dreaming of kaleidoscopes

“Deare Sister” is available in print as part of chris wind’s Satellites Out of Orbit (2nd edition), titled “Letters”.

* Satellites Out of Orbit contains the four books listed above it as well as this book.

A performance version of “The Portrait” (a Mozartean piano score with vocalise to accompany delivery of the text as a monologue) is available from the author (chriswind3@gmail.com).

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“The Experiment” Herstoria Summer 2009

“The Ride” Canadian Woman Studies Spring 1988, vol.9 no.1

“The Portrait” The Antigonish Review Fall/Winter 1986, vol.65

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