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Fire & Ice

Patty Jansen

Smashwords Edition

Book 1 of the Icefire Trilogy

ISBN 978-0-9872009-5-2

Copyright 2011 Patty Jansen

Cover image Copyright 2011 Patty Jansen

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Chapter 1

Somewhere not far from the edge of the plateau, where the goat-track snaked up the rock-strewn slope, the rain had turned to snow.

Cocooned in his cloak, his view restricted to the swaying back of the camel, Tandor had failed to notice until a gust of wind pelted icicles into his face.

He whipped off the hood and shook out his hair. The breeze, crackling with frost, smelled of his homeland. Oh, for a bath, to wash off the clinging dust and the stink of the prairie lands, of steam trains or the bane of his existence: this grumpy camel.

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