Girl Meets Mind Reader

Virgil Flint was surprised when the black-haired woman asked him to fly her kite while she went to use the porta-john.

Virgil was just standing there on the beach, watching the flock of kites as they wandered and dove in the blue Oregon sky, when the woman waltzed up and pushed a spool of kite string at him.

"I'd really appreciate it," she said, grinning. She wore sunglasses with round, mirrored lenses, so he couldn't see her eyes. Her dark hair was long and braided in pigtails. His first impression of her age was mid-30s to early 40s.

Immediately, he liked her round, expressive face. Though she wore a baggy windbreaker and bluejeans, he could see enough of her body to know that he liked that, too.

Then, he read her mind.

He didn't dig deep, because he didn't see the need at that moment. Reaching out from his own mind, he touched the surface of hers, dipping just far enough to get a general sense of her personality and determine if the
kite-watching request was sincere or some kind of scam.

He was pleased to discover that it wasn't a scam. She really did have to go to the bathroom. She really just wanted him to watch her kite for a moment.

Why didn't she just reel it in until she got back, instead of bothering a stranger?

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