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If You Have a Regular Income - You Can Be Debt Free

Charles Black

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Charles Black

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Keep this workbook in front of you every day. Review and update it constantly. It should be in paper form in front of you in a file folder as a constant reminder to keep up the good work.

The only way to make it happen is to be diligent and determined in your efforts.

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~ Introduction ~

A note from the author:

This workbook has been developed for those of you who have an income but are still finding yourself overwhelmed by debt and expenses. The purpose of this program is to help you to either avoid, or overcome personal financial distress. I am a professional management consultant to businesses and individuals who have successfully utilized this program. I know these methods work because I have used them with literally thousands of clients. As with any program for self improvement, you must follow every detail so that you will be successful.

Contained within this workbook are following steps:

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