Devil of a Cowboy:

Krista had just completed the farm internship required for her degree in agriculture when her two cowboy mentors invited her to their home to celebrate. The two sexy cowboys had been tough on the sweet city girl, making no exceptions in their often harsh training for a life far removed from the amenities enjoyed in the city. But Krista liked the two men. They were cute, but rugged appearing, with deep tans that set off their blue eyes perfectly. She would have loved to have either one of them.

She looked at the address they had given her, but the house was not what she had expected. It was beautiful, a mansion, and not at all like the rundown shack she thought they shared on the farm. There were no other cars at the house, but only the pickup truck she had been forced to learn to drive as part of her internship. She had nearly run over a small goat in the process. Krista had never driven a vehicle with a standard transmission before. But no matter what kinds of hurdles her two mentors had put in front of her, Krista had far surpassed their expectations. She may look like a city girl, but Krista was tough on the inside, a necessity for growing up with three brothers. Krista and the two farm mentors had formed a sort of bond throughout the past year, and she hurried up the steps tonight in her short black dress that outlined her slight curves perfectly. Tonight she wanted them to see the real Krista, not the Krista in overalls and work boots which they had seen daily for the past year.

Krista rang the doorbell, and both men were immediately at the door, opening it for her. “Welcome m’lady.”

Krista walked inside and was instantly hugged by the two men who had now become her buddies. “Hi, guys.”

“This is a very special occasion, Krista, and we must toast to it.” The elder of the two men, Roger, poured glasses of champagne and handed each one a glass of the bubbly.

“I must warn you that champagne goes straight to my head,” Krista announced, sipping slowly.

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