Me and Miss Tati

~K. Lyn~

Romancing Erotica Books

Copyright 2011-07-15: K. Lyn

ISBN: 978-1-6184-5005-0

All Rights Reserved


Included in: Me and Miss Tati

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Me and Miss Tati



Matthew’s crush on Tatiana is no secret, but Matthew is not her type. She thinks of him as a colleague and nothing more. Always eager to assist Tatiana in any way that he can, Matthew comes to the office early to get his own work done so that he is free to be whatever Tatiana wants him to be for the remainder of the day. He follows her shamelessly around the office like a little puppy, his tongue nearly hanging out. The entire office knows of his secret lust for the sweet and beautiful Tatiana, and yet Tatiana has no idea. After working late one night, Tatiana having welcomed the assistance of the competent and eager man in meeting a critical deadline, she takes her admirer to a bar and grill to show her appreciation. With the aroma of the grill and the scent of men’s cologne in the air, two aphrodisiacs to Tatiana, the young woman begins to see her younger colleague in a very different light, just as the man had planned for the woman he refers to as “Miss Tati.”

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