Like her creation Anwyn Baldomyre Laura J Underwood is a bard of major skill. With the first words of “The City under the Bridge” she draws readers into a world of high adventure and daring that they won’t want to leave until the tale is told.

--- Bradley H. Sinor author of

Echoes From the Darkness and In The Shadows


Anwyn Baldmyre is a likable guy haunted by the voice of a nagging, judgmental harp in his head, Glynnanis - the harp- wants the young, careful mage to use his magic more and to strive to reach his full potential. There is a dynamic between the two that's fun to watch unfold while the pair battle corrupt politicos and murderous water ladies as they do battle in the City Under the Bridge.

--- Selina Rosen author of Sword Masters


"Laura Underwood spins another delightful story, action-packed and filled with magic, well-written and elegantly told.  Recommended!"

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