Flying with Angels

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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I did not wake up as an angel. But I went to sleep as one.

In my dreams, I was flying.

Over rooftops, treetops, hilltops and even into the clouds.

I was an angel of God and I could fly everywhere.

“If God drops me, I’m done for,” I whispered to the bluebird singing on the bough as I passed by.

“Cheer-up!” it answered. “God does not drop!”

I smiled and the rainbows from inside my throat surged up and made my teeth shine all different colours. They were luminescent, even fluorescent. Some of my teeth were striped and others were polka-dots.

How did I know?

I could see my own self flying, as if I were someone else watching.

Maybe I was God! Who else sees angels fly?

I thought about that for a minute, then changed my mind. No, I did not want to be God. How could I sing praises all day to my Self?

I decided to stay an angel, and see where that took me.

Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe I was attached by a silver cord to my body down on earth.

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