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All I knew was this was where I wanted to be. Far above it all. Untouched by worldly worries. Free.

So free.

Free from responsibilities. No cares. No one that could hurt me.

Oops. Did I say that last one out loud? I felt a jar in the air currents that brought me down a notch. Did my wings slip?

Was this all about escaping hurt and pain?

Maybe it was just a fantasy after all. Would I come crashing down amidst the rubble of other hopeful humans, trying to escape?

If not up, then where could we go?

Maybe down.

I settled on a low flying cloud and looked down. The earth was blue and green. I couldn’t see humans from this height, which made me glad because weren’t they the cause of all the trouble?

Oops. There I said it again.

Blaming other people for my misery.

Okay, this angel thing isn’t working for me. I am bringing all my nasty thoughts with me. I’m no angel.

And then I started to fall. Down, down, swirling with the whirlwinds, drifting like falling leaves, closer and closer to the ground.

Thump. Ouch! Okay I had hit rock bottom. In fact, I had hit a rock. A big gray slab of granite poking out of the earth. Oh, great.

Was that rock laughing at me?

It seemed to have a smirk on its hard face. Or was I just imagining it?

No, it was looking right at me.

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