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Permanence” first appeared in Perpetual Magazine in February 2009 under the pen name Tom C. Underhill.


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“You’re kidding me, Terrance. This is beyond ridiculous.”

Four right hands clasped at right angles, forming the sweaty spokes of a human wheel.

“Randy…Just do it. We need a clean start.”

A reluctant fifth hand joined the web of palms and fingers, ruining the symmetry and weighing down the whole.

“We will work together. We will be rescued. We pray for strength, resolve, and fortitude. We steel ourselves against fear, infighting, and divisiveness. Let us begin as one.”

Finally beginning to emerge, the sun beat down through the gaps separating the five arms.

“Preachy and longwinded, Brad. I think all we really need to do is agree not to kill the pig, slit its throat, or above all spill its blood. Cool?”

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