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Bedtime Stories, Volume 12:

Eating Out

by Zaria Von Mars

Published by Zaria Von Mars

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Zaria Von Mars

Cover Illustration by Zaria Von Mars

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Carly loved working at Lavish. It was an upscale restaurant/nightclub downtown; beautiful place, good food, and she always made great tips.

One of her coworkers called in sick on Saturday night, so she had to work the party room. She didn't mind, only one couple reserved the room that night.

At 9pm, the hostess came to tell her the guests were seated. Carly walked back to the back room and she couldn't believe her eyes... it was her brother's best friend Jake & her best friend Kayla out on a date together! Hmmmm.... She shared many men with Kayla, and she had sex with Jake before. This was weird.

Even more awkward was the fact that her brother had fucked Kayla many, many times. Sometimes even in front of Carly and his friends! These two, on a DATE? Weird.

She gave them both hugs over the white tablecloth and took their order. Jake seductively asked for a glass of Asti, knowing the effect his voice had on Carly. Her nipples began to harden under her thin black dress as she wrote his wine selection on the tablet.

Kayla said she wanted merlot. Carly wrote it down on her small tablet, asking if they wanted an appetizer, but when she looked up at them, they began to kiss, timidly sucking on each other's lips and being extremely sexy about it.

Carly was becoming very uneasy and hot in the crotch, so she quickly went away to get the drinks. When she came back, he told her that he wasn't ready to eat yet. Then he pretended to drop something under the table. He “searched” for it, but couldn’t find it, so he begged her to find it for him.

Carly crawled under the tablecloth and looked around. She didn't see anything on the floor, but when she looked ahead, she noticed his pants were down around his ankles and he was stroking his dick. She looked over at Kayla and saw her panties around her ankles also, and she was rubbing her muff. Carly was shocked at the sight of the two masturbating.

He said, "Ay Carly, you okay down there?" They both snickered as she sat under the tablecloth, unable to move, staring at their genitals as if she were under a spell.

Kayla's crotch was clean shaven, with a little beauty mark on one of her outer lips. Jake’s dick was long, thick and veiny, just like she remembered it.

When she finally snapped out of it, she realized what they were doing to her, so in turn, she decided to make them as uncomfortable as they were trying to make her. She crawled over between Kayla's legs, moving her hand away from her pussy, replacing it with her own face, nibbling her clit. Kayla moaned loudly.

And simultaneously, Carly reached over into Jake’s lap and began jacking him off.

Kayla’s pussy was so delicious. She wondered why she hadn't eaten her before. She pried her friend's lips apart with her tongue and gently licked her slit with up and down motions, making sure to graze her clit. She made a fist around Jake’s dick and stroked him slowly but firm, making her hand wet with his precum.

While Carly jacked him off, he kissed Kayla again, another shy, tender kiss, licking her lower lip softly, then her upper lip, then the corners of her mouth. Carly tenderly sucked on her pussy lips, making slurpy noises. So erotic, this scene.

Carly began removing her clothes, starting with her shirt and bra, freeing her breasts and fondling them with one hand while she continued stroking his dick with the other hand and tonguing the inside of her friend's sopping wet pussy. Carly began rubbing her nose against her clitoris, stimulating it, applying pressure. Kayla honestly wasn't used to getting her pussy eaten this thoroughly, and she began to feel her body convulse.... and squirted all over Carly's pretty face.

Carly licked her lips. She was ready to fuck with him now.

She sucked her friend's clit one last time, eliciting every last drop of pleasure from her loins, then knelt between his knees, mouthing his testicles, still stroking his dick with her hand. Her friend leaned over and sucked on his nipples while Carly buried Jake’s balls in her mouth. She ran her tongue between his nuts, causing him so much pleasure that he tensed up, planting his hands down on the seat & holding onto the sides of the cushion, almost unable to handle any more of this pleasure. His dick began to dance, moving and bobbing on Carly’s forehead, desperately in need of release.

The girls gave each other that knowing look, the look they've given each other every time they gave someone a doubleteam blowjob. Carly's mouth stayed wrapped around his big balls, pulling on them, and Kayla lowered her slobbery mouth to envelop his fat dick.

"Shiddddd..... you bitches!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uuggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiidddddddddddd!" He raised himself completely off the seat, realizing that he wasn't going to be able to handle this much longer.

Carly and her friend continued devouring him, rubbing their own pussies as they orally assaulted his dick and balls, and he screamed loudly, so loud that the people outside of the room could hear. He pushed the table over onto its side.

Kayla got on her knees in front of him, kneeling beside Carly. They were like baby birds, waiting for their food. He squeezed his eyes shut and said, "Get this nut, you nasty bitches. Come get this nutttt... mmmmmm you both are so fucking nasty..."

They obediently caught the nut on their faces, in their mouths, in their hair, everywhere. His dick was like a hose with high water pressure.

Carly and her friend enjoyed his cum, there was more than enough for both of them to drink.

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