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T.K. Reilley

T.K. Reilley reserves the copyright to KINSHIP and consents to publication by Apocalyptic Press. No part may be copied or reproduced without permission from the publisher or author. Thank you.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright, T.K. Reilley, 2011


Where are we?” Courtney tried to keep her voice level. She didn’t want Joel to know how nervous she was. He might misinterpret her anxiety over her first date as a lack of trust in him.

A place where my friends and I like to party.”

Courtney frowned. “Will your friends be here?” She’d thought they were going out alone.

Yeah, babe. Is that a problem? We can do something else...”

Even as he offered, Courtney heard the insincerity in his voice. Most people wouldn’t have picked up on it, but her other senses had grown more keen to compensate for her blindness. Was he lying to her? She briefly toyed with the idea of telling him to go elsewhere, but she didn’t want to look like a jumpy spinster. She plastered a brave smile onto her heart-shaped face and smiled in his approximate direction. “No, that’s fine.”

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