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T.K. Reilley

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright, T.K. Reilley, 2011


Nikki looked up from the chart as Tina knocked on the opened door of the exam room. “Yeah?”

We have another patient.”

She glanced at her watch as she tucked a strand of frizzy orange-red hair behind her ear. “We closed ten minutes ago. It’ll be daybreak soon, and I’m tired. Tell her—”

Him,” Tina interrupted, waggling her eyebrows. “And what a him.” She whistled through her teeth. It was absurd to hear such a girlish sound issuing from the matronly, middle-aged nurse.

Nikki shrugged. “Whatever. Tell him to come back tomorrow night. We open at seven.” The free clinic always opened at seven P.M., come rain or shine. When they closed was anyone’s guess, depending on their caseload.

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