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The Death of Nikolai

Michael S. Hazen

Published by Michael S. Hazen at Smashwords

Copyright 2002 Michael S Hazen

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Sometimes you find a place because you need it. The place doesn’t have to be a physical place. Prisoners and victims find places in their minds to wander in. Sometimes it is a house you buy and build a family in. Sometimes it is a group of people. But there is always a certain magic, a mystery to it. A mystery that you don’t want to examine too closely because the act of examination might destroy the very thing that make it so right. I guess I found The Brain Bucket because my life had been tornadoized. As in: my comfortable, happy, uneventful life was suddenly picked up, wadded up and driven through a telephone pole with extreme prejudice. The F5 funnel cloud was my soon-to-be-ex-wife. In the space of a week, I was without a job, wife or possessions. Except for the thrashed motorcycle I traded my equally wretched pickup (plus cash) for.

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