seeing Bible. imagining lives.

daily devotional


Jeffrey Hillard

for youth around the world

ages 9 – 15

each day, read a verse, and then think about

what the short-short story means to you.

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copyright 2011 by Jeffrey Hillard


Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;

and lean not on your own understanding.”


It was past midnight and Jackson felt he could be lost in the middle of the Smoky Mountains. He’d followed this road from the point of detour signs 25 miles earlier, where part of the highway had split open from the weight of an avalanche.

Driving his rust-spotted 1995 Impala, taking the rough turns with his hands gripping the wheel – this was no thrill. But Jackson didn’t panic. He mumbled the first quick prayer that came to him, something like, “Get me out of this, God.” He said it eight or ten times. He said, “Really. Please.” He wassure God heard him.

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