Jackson kept driving, of course, even when he slowed to see a huge black bear standing on its hind legs, rummaging through a mammoth dumpster outside a small mountain campground.

About a mile after the bear, he saw the long-anticipated sign: “Gatlinburg – 12 miles.” He didn’t pretend to know how far away the city was. He believed the road would take him to it.


Hebrews 10:35

So do not throw away your confidence;

it will be richly rewarded.”


The woman’s migraine headaches were gruesome. When she was younger and newly married, she’d lie on the couch for almost two days, packing ice in a thick plastic bag and covering her whole head with it.

She kept the house dark when she was younger.

Over the years she’d seen doctors. She lost count of the number. Although frustrated, she felt certain that one day an even better new medication would prevent pain.

She was this confident.

This week, though, she had her first bad headache in eight months. She had simply forgotten to take her advanced medicine designed to halt a migraine before it actually occurred.

She just forgot. It was a simple mistake.

Still, the woman clung to this new medicine. She had great confidence in it. And the medicine worked. It worked to ease the pain. She was determined to not go far without it.

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