­­ Paranormal Factor I.

Supernatural Witness

©2011 by Angela Baker

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The universe has order. It is comprised of scientific principles and formulas – that is, until you add the paranormal factor; a variable that doesn’t abide by the rules of science. When evidence of the spiritual realm is scarce because it’s random, that doesn’t disprove a paranormal occurrence. If the experience is vivid, distressing and memorable – those that experience these haunting events become more than just mere witnesses to the supernatural…


Paranormal Factor was founded in 2007 with the goal of recording events from those who claim to have had encounters with the supernatural. Initially, Paranormal Factor began as a website with shared stories between friends and families. Once we began writing these happenings down, they took on a life of their own. These experiences involve the witnessing of ghosts, frightful encounters with entities, and other strange happenings.

Although these testimonials are directly from the source, the names of the eye witnesses aren’t divulged because these individuals are still trying to cope with their experience. Even though they wish to share their story to gain some understanding, they don’t wish to be directly identified. Sometimes we change the location of the event out of respect for area residents and businesses.

There have been requests for us to provide more identifying information, and we’ll do our best to provide more in this regard. Most of the time, we’re asked not divulge identifying information. We take the trust of our sources seriously, so we follow their wishes. Without their trust and honesty, there would be no Paranormal Factor.

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