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Paranormal Factor

Supernatural Witness

Copyright 2011 by Angela Baker

Published by Adventure Alley Publishing at Smashwords


Paranormal Factor was founded in 2007 with the goal to interview and record stories from those that have claimed to have had encounters with the supernatural. These experiences involve the witnessing of ghosts, frightful encounters with entities, and other strange happenings. Although these testimonials are directly from the source, the names of the eye witnesses will not be divulged as these individuals are still trying to cope with their experience. Even though they wish to share their story to gain some understanding, they don’t wish to be directly identified. In the three cases described in this edition, the location of the event may have been changed out of respect for area residents and businesses. These accounts are from the witnesses’ perspective.

Although we don’t usually conduct an investigation at the site, we still research in order to debunk urban legends as needed. Paranormal Factor believes in the retelling of personal experiences, even when audio or visual evidence isn’t obtainable. Because these events are personal experiences, they greatly effect a person indefinitely and not always for the better. By recording these events, we hope to learn from them in order to determine any correlation or pattern.

The collection of witness accounts you are about to read will surprise you, and perhaps you will have doubts as to their legitimacy. These events are recorded in the words of the person that experienced them. Three different individuals have been interviewed for this edition of Supernatural Witness. You may even feel that some of the events are minor or inconclusive. The official stance of the investigators at Paranormal Factor is that if there is an occurrence such as an object moves without explanation, it is remarkable enough to record and share to gain further understanding. We leave all conclusions to the reader, and we simply want you inform you that sometimes things go bump in the night and sometimes there isn’t an explanation…

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