Faith’s First Flight

Tony Slade


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Chapter 1

It had all seemed too good to be true at the time, but nineteen year old Faith had dared to hope and believe.

Born in the west of Kenya she had left her rural village and the simple life and travelled to the Indian Ocean coast. In Mombasa she had found work, first as a waitress in a resort complex, then a basic manager’s position in a small private club.

Day after day and night after night she watched patrons come and go, generally they were white, and middle aged, and wealthy. Also pretty stupid if they think the girl with them cares or gives a damn she often thought when another tourist appeared with a known hooker hanging from his arm batting false lashes and calling him darling and sweetheart. Those were the clever girls in her opinion, like chameleons they changed themselves to suit the situation. For the gullible men they were innocent and chaste, sweet girls who wanted nothing more than a good man and a better life. But for those men who saw immediately through their demure disguise they would grin and turn back into the dirty sluts everyone in the area knew they were.

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