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What are readers saying on Smashwords about Kiwi and the Living Nightmare?

“This is the third book in Vickie Johnstone's cute Kiwi series. This time, Amy, James and Kiwi must go help a little three-legged grey kitty named Misty, who is sending them messages in their dreams. A cute, kid-safe story with a happy ending, despite some scary moments.”

Sharon E Cathcart (4 star review)

“Anthropomorphism is a time honored literary device in literature. And I think a vital one to employ in fiction written for children. It teaches children at a young age a certain type of empathy for all life. But beyond the value of passing on these traditions, Vickie Johnstone has created an adventurous and entertaining story for Halloween which will contributes to another important thing to pass on to our children : the simple, wonderful joy of being read to. To hear a story told aloud and receive it as a listener. I think this little volume would be a perfect excuse to engage in such an activity as the writing style is perfect for practicing narration. It's a fun activity for adults and children to practice, the lessons of which will enrich both generations greatly.”

Ed Drury (5 star review)

“Most of the story plays out in the human world. I really loved the scene where the catizens get

to ride on the bus. These scenes had me laughing out loud. I may be an adult, but I still read

each of Vickie’s stories with bated breath and expectation of new twists and newer characters

in every book.”

Ritesh Kala (5 star review)

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