“It was very appropriate that Vickie published the book just before Halloween because that is the time frame the story takes place. Kiwi and the kids have a dream of another cat crying out for help and discover that the haunted house where the stranded cat is at can only be entered on All Hallow’s Eve. I like the way the author introduces new characters into yet draws on the previous books for the characters that I already know and love. Living Nightmare has just the right amount of scary bits along with humour to make it a very enjoyable read for kids of all ages.”

Greta Burroughs (5 star review)

Kiwi and the Living Nightmare

By Vickie Johnstone

Illustrated by Nikki McBroom

Edited by Susan Bennett

Kiwi and the Living Nightmare

Copyright October 2011, Vickie Johnstone

Republished by Inknbeans Press, April 2012

This edition republished November 2012

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

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