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“I told her to roll on her stomach. Then, I crawled on top of her, grabbed the gag, and I twisted it. She was out in seconds. Never moved a muscle. She just laid there until I cut off her breath. Then, I twisted it tighter and just held it there until her eyes bulged out and her face turned purple.”

“Didn’t that freak you out?” Michelle asked, suddenly more aware just how cold-blooded this man really was. And, here she was, talking to him for the damn cops, listening to him get off as he related the details of Kathy’s murder.

Wilson ignored the question.

“You ever murder anyone besides Kathy?”

“Yup,” Wilson answered. “It’s nothin’ to me. You know I can ignore it like it isn’t there—if the money is right.”

Michelle just nodded.


Gary C. King

Notice to readers: This book was previously published under the title Web of Deceit.

Accolades for Gary C. King

"Using the most intimate of facts, King draws readers as far inside the mind of murderers as rational, moral people can go--the rest of the journey, thank the gods, is beyond our knowing. King's talent and faithful service does honor to the dogged truth-seekers who finally bring justice for those whose lives were stolen." Noreen Ayres, author of the Smokey Brandon mystery series.

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