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Debunking Dark Energy

Richard Charles Gregory

Copyright 2011 by Richard Charles Gregory

Smashwords Edition

West Vancouver, B.C.


We had gathered enough data. More than enough. It was time to collect our thoughts. Time to try and make sense of all that had been observed. Time to put the pieces of the proverbial puzzle together.

But why has the General Theory on Polarized Space, not been put forward by those in the know. There are countless people more qualified and who work with these puzzle pieces every day. Maybe it was a case of data overload. Information is being collected by the scientific community at an exponential rate, a rate that is difficult to comprehend let alone allows time to manipulate and assemble the pieces. Maybe we just happen to be in those last few seconds of a giant Tetris game, that moment in time where it’s simply too late to avoid the inevitable onslaught. Maybe the traditional route of expressing scientific ideas has become too intimidating for off the wall ideas. Maybe the route is simply too clogged up, has too much drag to allow movement from observation to conclusion in just 13 years. It has been 13 years since the ground shook, since we discovered that the expansion of our universe is accelerating. Scientific dogma has served us well in the past. Keeps ‘out there’ ideas in check. It surely chastised Pons and Fleischman back in the early 1990’s for their ad hoc release of questionable information. But that was a different time, a different set of circumstances. For one thing it was before the internet. That all-empowering tool of our day. What would Copernicus have done if he had had the internet. To cope with his frustrations of the day would he have shouted from the roof tops that the sun did not go round the earth but rather the other way round. Or would he simply have said screw the rules and published his heliocentric model on line.

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